Where We Serve

Where We Serve

The Arab and Muslim worlds are in an area known geographically as the 10/40 window. Countries in this window have the least evangelized populations.

BMI regards the Arab world as its main mission field, but it also has significant activity in North America.

The Arab World:

95% of more than 400 million people living in the Arab world are Muslims. They reside in 22 countries with Arabic as their official language. The remaining 5% are mostly nominal Christians, constituting between 12 to 15 million people. BMI outreaches both groups equally with the Gospel.

We partner tightly with national pastors and missionaries who are focusing on discipleship and Church planting efforts.

Guide to the Arab World


The country has a total land area of 397,840 square miles, and its population is approximately 2.5 million. Virtually 100 percent of the population are practicing Sunni Muslims.


The Kingdom of Morocco is located in the northwest corner of Africa. It is made up of fertile coastal areas, the barren Atlas Mountains inland, and the Sahara Desert. Agriculture,tourism, and phosphate mining are important industries.


The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is located on the northern coast of Africa. It is bordered by the coastal plains along the Mediterranean Sea in the north, and the Sahara desert in the south - which covers 80% of the entire country.


Tunisia is located in North Africa, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The northern part of the country is covered by mountainous agricultural land while the south is covered by the Sahara Desert.


Libya is a north African country located on the Mediterranean Sea. Over 90% of the land area is covered by the Sahara desert.


The Arab Republic of Egypt (96% of which is desert, and only 3% arable land), is located along the banks of the Nile River. Though arabic speaking, 86.4% of the peoples are Egyptian descendants of the ancient Coptic-speaking people of biblical times.


Sudan is located in northeast Africa, just south of Egypt and is Africa's largest country. Sudan has enormous potential agricultural and mineral resources.


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was part of the Turkish empire until 1918. It became independent from Britain in 1946, and today Jordan is a Constitutional monarchy with King Hussein having executive powers.


The Republic of Lebanon is a state in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is a fertile and mountainous enclave between Israel and Syria. Once a French-mandated territory, Lebanon became an independent republic in 1943...


The Syrian Arab Republic is located on the eastern Mediterranean coast, in the Middle East. It has a varied topography of mountains, fertile plains, and desert.


The nation of Iraq is a land of stark contrasts, with the fertile plains of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, high mountains, and desert. This historic region was the site of the ancient Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian empires.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic kingdom located on the Arabian Peninsula, covering most of that land mass. Saudi Arabia is almost entirely desert but contains 25% of the world's oil reserves.


The State of Bahrain, consists of a group of islands located in the Arabian Gulf. A causeway links the largest island (also known as Bahrain) to mainland Saudi Arabia. The islands are flat and hot, mainly sand covered limestone; with generally poor and infertile soil.


Qatar covers a peninsula on the Persian Gulf on Saudi Arabia's eastern coast. Qatar is mostly desert, with negligible rainfall, but irrigation allows many fruits and vegetables to be grown. Large oil and natural gas reserves provide the major source of foreign trade.


The United Arab Emirates is a confederation of seven kingdoms, or emirates, on the Arabian peninsula, on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. They are linked by their dependence on oil revenues, which have brought them from poverty to prosperity in only 25 years.


The Sultanate of Oman is a mountainous land on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsuala. It controls the entrance to the Persian Gulf. Oman's oil reserves were developed later than those of other Arab nations


Yemen is located in the Middle East on the southwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula. The topography varies from hot coastal plains to cool mountains, and scorching deserts.


The Republic of Djibouti, once a part of French Somaliland, is a hot, dry, desert enclave between Ethiopia and Somalia. Reported to be the world's hottest country, it is often plagued by droughts.


Somalia is located on the Horn of Africa with coastlines on the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. A subsistence pastoral economy dominates, with most people eking a living from camel or cattle herding with very limited farming.


The State of Kuwait, is wedged in the desert between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, at the northwest end of the Arabian Gulf. There are no rivers and rain is light. In the quest for drinking water, the world's largest desalination plants were built in 1950.

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Currently, we have partnerships with missionaries and national church leaders in the following countries and we desire to send missionaries to the rest of the Arab world.


The Lord, in His grace, has brought millions of Muslims to our doorstep in the West.

What a tremendous opportunity to reach those who have come from “behind the Crescent Curtain” (from countries closed to the precious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ)!

The time is now to reach these precious souls for Christ!

  • Outreach at an Arabic Festival in the East Cost

  • Muslim Prayer Day in DC

  • Outreach at a local University

  • Mosque in New England area

  • Muslim Pride Parade in New York

  • Muslim Pride Parade in New York

BMI is active in the USA and Canada in the followings:

  • Outreaches to large events involving festivals of different Middle Eastern countries.
  • Support missionaries in the USA who are laboring among large Arabic speaking communities.
  • Seminars on Islam designed specifically to equip believers to engage Muslims with the Gospel our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Gospel Material  to support local Gospel outreaches within USA & Canada.

Learn to look at Muslims through the eyes of Christ!


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