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Integrated Media

Integrated Media


  • 10 Sites (7 in Arabic, 1 in Turkish, 1 in English, and 1 in Arabic/English)
  • Yearly average unique visitors: 2.25 Million

Important Websites:

Social Media

  • Facebook: arabicbiblepage
    • Total Likes:  ~1 Million
    • Average Monthly Reach: 600,000 people
    • Average Yearly Reached:  7.5 Million

Internet Radio

Arabic Christian Radio broadcasting 24x7 Arabic Christian Music, Hymns, Sermons, Drama kits and Bible reading. The programs are produced in different Arabic countries and performed using the local dialect. It includes:
1- Christian songs by known Christian singers
2- Sermons and devotions by well known ministers and Pastors
3- Bible Reading from the Vandyke Arabic Bible
4- Programs for Kids
5- Skits and Drama programs

Sawtalsalam radio (means Voice of Peace) strives to offer quality Arabic Christian radio programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mobile Apps

  • 10 Apps:
    • 7 in Arabic including a Bible App with Commentaries
    • 1 in Farsi (Bible App with Commentaries)
    • 1 in French (Bible App with Commentaries
    • 1 in Turksih (Bible App with Commentaries)
  • Injeel App is the most popular among ministers and pastors as it contains commentaries for each verse of the Bible along with Treasury Scripture Knowledge Cross References. 
  • It's available for both Android and IOS.