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Missions Intl

Founded in 1998

What we do

Our Mission

Biblical Missions International exists to extend the Word of God to the Arab and Muslim world.

Our vision is to see vibrant and reproducing churches in the Arab world and among large Muslim communities in North America.

Biblical Missions International is an independent and Bible-based ministry.

Where we serve

The Arab World

95% of more than 400 million people living in the Arab world are Muslims. They reside in 22 countries with Arabic as their official language. The remaining 5% are mostly nominal Christians, constituting between 12 to 15 million people. BMI outreaches both groups equally with the Gospel.

We partner tightly with national pastors and missionaries who are focusing on discipleship and Church planting efforts.


The Lord, in His grace, has brought millions of Muslims to our doorstep in the West.

What a tremendous opportunity to reach those who have come from “behind the Crescent Curtain” (from countries closed to the precious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ)!

The time is now to reach these precious souls for Christ!


Get involved with supporting a project or a missionary you believe in. There are several easy ways to give and many projects and missionaries to give to. Your prayers for the missionaries and co-workers are critical to the advancement of the Gospel in the Arab World.