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What we do

Our Mission

Biblical Missions International exists to extend the Word of God to the Arab and Muslim world.

Our vision is to see vibrant and reproducing churches in the Arab world and among large Muslim communities in North America.

Biblical Missions International is an independent and Bible-based ministry.

Our Mission

Our Methodology

We operate four focal core ministries to achieve our Mission:

Integrated Media Outreach

BMI through its media arm ”Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry" (ABOM), deploys Media for intensive evangelism and outreach in the Arab world. It reaches an average of 12 million Arabic speaking people on an annual basis across the globe through multiple Internet sites, Apps, YouTube and Social Media.

Focused Follow-Up & Discipleship

Kalimaty BMI through its arm “Kalimati” ministry which means “My Word”, conducts active on-line and on-the-ground discipleship programs with focused follow-up through a network of nationals and missionary partners across the Arab world. It supplies discipleship material, provide leadership training, and equip believers to disciple others.

Supplement to discipleship material, "Kalimati" operates an extensive Bible Distribution Ministry, supplying free scriptures (whole Bibles and NTs) to ministries and churches throughout the Arab World.

Purposeful Church Planting

BMI partners tightly with nationals and missionaries to plant churches and edify home groups throughout the Arab world. This is done through a synergic effort between its on-line ministries and the on-the-ground ministries that are located in mostly closed Arab countries. We come alongside with nationals and labor with them to support them under the jurisdiction of their local Churches.

Trusted Mission Board

BMI is an established mission board partnering with Evangelical Churches to send out missionary families to the Arab World. Currently, BMI has 6 missioanry teams focused on the Arab world and the Arabic populations in the USA.

Beside its missionaries, BMI oversees ABOM's co-workers made up of 10 national missionary teams from various Arabic countries. These national missionaries are supported through ABOM.